What Lights Can Be Plastic Injection Moulded?

What Lights Can Be Plastic Injection Moulded?

Lighting plays a crucial part in every industry and household. So, injection moulded plastic is the perfect solution for manufacturers to produce durable, safe and reliable light fittings. From car headlights to industrial LED battens, injection moulding is the answer to lighting that lasts. Today, we’re going to be depicting the main types of lighting […]

Plastic Injection Mould Popular In Engineering - Stephens Plastics

Plastic Injection Mouldings In Engineering: Our Process

Plastic injection moulds are becoming increasingly popular in many major industries, including engineering. Plastics are in use in every engineering area, because they are an efficient and practical material. In addition, they optimise the reliability and performance of machinery and other vital components. However, without an expertly led method of manufacturing, applications wouldn’t see the […]

Benefits Of Injection Moulding Electric Goods

Why Choose Stephen’s Plastics For Plastic Injection Moulding In Electronics

The advancement of technology has led to electronic goods being used in many sectors to enhance operational efficiency. Consequently, design and usability must be optimised. Using plastic injection moulding, you can reduce costs turnovers of electric goods and increase product quality and production rates. Here at Stephens Plastics, our plastic injection moulding services in London […]

Best Plastic For Consumer Injection Moulding

The Best Plastics For Consumer Plastic Injection Moulding

As leading plastic injection moulding suppliers, we know first-hand what types of materials can enhance a consumer business’s systems. Injection moulding is one of the most advanced manufacturing techniques available today. In addition, there are several best plastic injection moulding types that hold optimum durability and aesthetics for the consumer industry. In today’s article, we […]

plastic injection moulding companies for automotive parts

How Does Plastic Injection Moulding Enhance Vehicles?

Plastic injection moulding is one of the most advanced manufacturing techniques for companies in the automotive industry. Comparable to agriculture and rail industries, it’s becoming increasingly sought after for its durable and aesthetic properties. Due to the nature of a vehicle, it requires parts that support its longevity and preserve its appearance, as well as […]

plastic injection moulding manufacturer for construction

Why Use Plastic Injection Moulding In Construction?

Plastic injection moulding is one of the most sought after production techniques for bespoke components in construction. These advanced plastic-based products can optimise machinery and tools among other major industries. For instance, automotive and consumer sectors. If you’re looking for a plastic injection moulding manufacturer, Stephens Plastics is the place to be. Our grade A […]

types of plastic injection moulding - plastic injection moulding manufacturers

The Best Plastics For Injection Moulding

As leading manufacturers of plastic injection moulding, we offer our services in London and the rest of the UK. At Stephens Plastics, our clients have peace of mind that each of their batches are made to their exact specifications. In addition, we are consistently meeting the needs of our customers through precision and strict attention […]

injection moulding for plastic - manufacturing plastic components

Why Is Plastic Injection Moulding Efficient For Your Business?

Plastic injection moulding is one of the most premium techniques that companies use for component manufacturing. The process is in use for various sectors, including the automotive, medical and cosmetics industries. From the initial consultation to the moulding delivery, here at Stephens Plastics, we can bring efficiency to the forefront of your business. As one […]

thermoplastics & thermosetting plastic injection mouldings

The Difference Between Thermoplastics & Thermosets

Both thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics injection moulding can produce applications for a number of industries. For instance, automotive and aerospace. However, their properties and finishing differ. Thermoplastic pellets soften during the curing process, offering an opportunity for remoulding. On the other hand, thermosets contain polymers that cross-link during curation, causing an irreversible chemical bond. Here […]

Plastics for Injection Moulding - thermoplastics

The Best Thermoplastics For Injection Moulding

Thermoplastics, also known as thermosoftening plastics, are a group of materials that are used for injection moulding. Once specific high temperatures are met, these plastics used for injection moulding can be manipulated to suit several applications. You’ll find these in various sectors, including dentistry and aerospace. However, not all plastics are suitable for moulding. In […]

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